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51 Garden Street next to the Eastern Park Bowling Club. South of the entrance to the Botanical Gardens. copy this link and follow to locate our club

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Association Croquet Wednesday and Saturday mornings from 9am. Golf Croquet Tuesday Wednesday and Saturday afternoons from 12:45 pm. Other times by arrangement.

Association Social Doubles Day - 4th Thurs of each month - 9 for 9.30 start. (White with Club Colours optional)

Contact us

Club President
Margot Jarman
03 5221 3243
lingot21 @ yahoo . com . au

Club Secretary
Elizabeth de Trafford
0498 732 221
easternparkcroquet @ gmail . com

Club Treasurer
Norman Kennedy
0419 379 540
norman . kennedy @ gmail . com

Club Contact
Elizabeth de Trafford
0498 732 221
easternparkcroquet @ gmail . com

Coaching Contact
Anthony Pye
0448 501 666
magpye @ ncable . net . au

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Postal Address
47-49 Garden Street, Geelong East, 3219

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Geelong Eastern Park info

Geelong Eastern Park photo gallery

Warrnambool G/C Tournament

Winners Section 2 Doubles - Geoff & Claudette Harding - 4 wins 10 Net Hoops Winner Section C Singles - Gail Knight 8 wins 24 Net hoops.

2021 A/C Regionals

Kim Collins won section 4 and received an award for the most promising player.

History: Established in 1912 as the Eastern Park Bowling & Croquet Club, the 1st Croquet lawn was laid down in 1919 under the direction of Mr John L Gibson,for the benefit of wives and lady relatives. The "Eastern Park Croquet Club" was inaugurated on 12th February 1920 by Mrs F Ritchie the President. In 1922 the Club name was altered to the "Geelong Eastern Park Ladies Croquet Club". The Club was opened to gentlemen members and the name of the Club reverted to "Eastern Park Croquet Club" in 1961. 2020 sees our 100th Centenary and we will be hosting an A/C & G/C day and a Fun Day on 1st March with local dignitaries and counsellors attending. Also be playing fun games

The Club is situated on Crown Land and is on the Victorian Heritage Register as part of the Eastern Park and Botanical Gardens listing. The Historical Club house was originally a small shelter built for storage and the provision of afternoon teas. This was enlarged several times over ensuing years. The City of Greater Geelong recently provided 2 grants which have been used to paint the Clubhouse and renovate the kitchen and fences.


The Club acknowledges the following local businesses for their support: .East Fruit Market .Drainline Plumbing .Pizzas With Attitude .Income Solutions

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Recent member successes

Anthony Pye
GVCA AC @ Rich River 2023
Range 14.0 to 10.0

Malcolm Biddle
Ballarat District Begonia @ Alexandra 2023
Range -3.0 to 4.5

Kim Collins
Ballarat District Begonia @ Alexandra 2023
Range 5.0 to 9.0

Kim Collins
VCA Bronze Shield 2023
Range -3.0 to 20.0

Graham Nunn
Portland 2023
Range 14.0 to 18.0

Kim Collins
VCA Selectors Invitation 2022
Range -3.0 to 20.0

Kim Collins
Geelong District AC Open @ Belmont/Eastern Park 2022
Range 5.0 to 9.0

Anthony Pye
Geelong District AC Open @ Belmont/Eastern Park 2022
Range 10.0 to 14.0

Lynne Pye & Anthony Pye
Horsham Handicap Doubles 2022
Range -6.0 to 20.0

Anthony Pye
VCA Divisional Championship 2022
Range 11.0 to 16.0

Anthony Pye
Warrnambool 2022
Range 11.0 to 16.0

Fay Harrison & Geoff Harding
Rich River Doubles 2022
Range -6.0 to 20.0